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This power amplifier is designed by Mr. Johan S. for  SPL competition.

This power amplifier has specification as follow :

- 2 Channel bridgeable, twin monoblock

- High current = 0.5 ohm stereo / 1 ohm bridgeable, more than 2500 Watts

- Tegangan supply = +/- 60 VDC

- Twin monoblock, synchronized full mosfet switching power supply

- Output transistors = 20 pair complementary MT-200 bipolar transistor

- Low inductance Vitrohm output resistors

- Fan cooled, speaker protector

- Dimension = 94 x 34 cm

This power amplifier has to use subsonic highpass filter in its lowpass subwoofer filter, to make sure that too low frequencies will not damage subwoofers.  This type of car amplifier must be installed by professional installer for competition use.