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Valveaudio's car power amplifier is HAND CRAFTED from A to Z.  With this approach, we ensure the quality and performance of every single car amplifier.

When you see car amp review, you will see data like rating/ch, THD, S/N ratio, Frequency response, separation ratio, slewrate, damping factor, etc. 

Our amp line have worst case of THD : 0.05%, S/N Ratio : >90. But what these figures tell you about the sound it produce? Well, those figures are generated by measurement machines. None of those figures comes out from human ear. So when you see those figures of a tube amp, they are very bad. But why tube amps are favorable to most ears? So there must be something else besides those figures to review an amp. 

We share a little secret of our amp line. The key to produce good sounding solid state amp is to make all transistors works in the linear area. You can see this in a transistor's datasheet. If one transistors have peak voltage of 150V and peak current of 10A, you cannot makes it works at 120V with 8A current. It is not in the linear area in the datasheet. So there is a problem. Linear area of small signal transistors are usually in low voltage region for a certain current. If linear areas are restricted to low voltage figures, doesn't it limit the rating of a power amp's output? This is also an answer to most common phenomena on the market. When you ask any car audio installer, which rating produces the best sound, I believe almost all will answer the rating of 100W/ch maximum. Maybe 25W classA, maybe 50W, maybe100W etc. But you will hardly hear more than 100W. These answers makes sense, because to make rating more than 100W/ch, small signal transistors will have to work above its linear region. The voltage region of linear operation of small signal transistors limits the output rating to about 100W/ch. 

This is also why high rating power amp with good sound are rarely found in the car audio market. To make high power rating (>250W/ch) with good sound is not an easy task. To make a big power produces sound, that's easy, but to make it produces good sound with linear operation, that is a different story. That's why high power with good quality amp usually expensive, because they must use far more complex circuit to make the small signal transistors works in their linear area, even with high voltage. They usually uses cascodes, to divide voltage. This makes a more complex amp.

VALVEAUDIO have the technology that allows to make big or bigger amp produces good sound, linear operation. With cheaper cost, offcourse, compared to other company. This is why big power amps from VALVEAUDIO sounds great. Even to the bigest rating available (500W/ch) every single small signal transistors work in the linear area of each transistors. This is the secret of VALVEAUDIO's car amp line. How can we make even big power amps with very high quality sound. With VALVEAUDIO car amp line, you will not have to stuck with "100W" rule, to get nice good sound. You can make use of 500W power amp for your front end. It is kind of overkill, but there will be plenty of headroom there. More headroom produces more live, open sound. Once you experienced this high-headroom sound, you will forget about smaller amp rating. To ones who persues excellent sound, there is a rule that it is  better to have 50 watts from 500W amp works normally than to have 50 watts from a 50W power amp works in their limits. These 2 workpoints will have different sound, even the average ratings are the same, 50W

Here are some example of car amps made by VALVEAUDIO. Different kind of amps are provided for different customers. Ears from all over the world have different likes and dislikes. There is no certain  bad amp and good amp. Every amp depends on who ever listens to it.  We learn that everyone have their own requirement, and we provide the solution for their needs.



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mono6.JPG (59165 bytes)  MONOBLOCKS


pw6ch.JPG (122834 bytes) 6 CH AMP + 24db xover 

(Stainless steel casing + graphed glass cover)






inside.JPG (85526 bytes) CLASS D CAR POWER AMPLIFIER


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